I’m sorry Looper didn’t blow my mind


JGL’s opening act on SNL might’ve helped, but I guess I was most intrigued by seeing him try pull off a convincing younger version of Bruce Willis in Looper. And he did. But I left the theater with many questions:

Why don’t they just have the loopers kill other loopers’ future selves so there is no conflict of interest?

Would the future self of Joe’s ill-fated friend have really survived another 30 years, considering how they had the present-day kid barely alive on life support? (As an aside, I get the feeling Paul Dano’s role in There Will Be Blood helped him land this one.)

How is it present-day Joe initially kills his future self with no problem, yet somehow fate is re-written as he grows older and meets someone worth staying alive for?

Why does stripper girl in city look so much like gunslinging girl on farm?

When present-day Joe did the selfless deed, did that undo the damage that future Joe had already done, including preserving the Big Lebowski gang?

Was the eager-to-please boy in the gang the younger self of the Big Lebowski?

Wouldn’t the Rainmaker have had the same fate if Joe (present-day and future) never came into the picture to change things?

Was the TK aspect really necessary? Turning the little boy into a super-being when he got really pissed off made me kind of chuckle (but if that was the point, well done).

I know Bruce Willis would probably just slam his fist on the diner table right now and scream in my face, “It doesn’t matter!” I guess. It just wouldn’t be a movie then.