We’re not done, NY

I had the good fortune of landing a pretty cool rotation opportunity at work. The first two weeks of my rotation had me working in the NYC office.

For the first time, I was able to explore NYC (slivers, really) on foot and subway. I walked in short-lived snow on the way to work. The only trouble I ran into on the subway was being swindled by the turnstile a couple times. The NYC subway totally beats BART in entertainment value with full-band concerts on subway platforms and walk-through acts inside the subway (who says you can’t use the handle bars for acrobatic purposes?).

Ryan joined me for a couple thousand minutes to squeeze in many touristy things: catch a Broadway show, eat NY pizza, see the Statue of Liberty, be herded to the top of the Empire State Building, and stroll through Central Park. And we also did kind of less touristy things like find a phone booth in an East Village hot dog joint to try to get into a not-so-secret speakeasy (fail).

I didn’t realize till much later that just across the street from that hot dog/speakeasy place was the former location of Sin-√©, a cafe/music space that Jeff Buckley frequently played at. I already liked East Village for its BBQ seitan, truffle mayo fries, and cereal milk milkshakes, but realizing this is where Jeff Buckley dwelled was neat. I dug up this video gem of Jeff Buckley, pre-fame and pre-long hair (much better). Not sure if this performance was in NY, but the music sounds like NY to me.